Artforum about "Data Drift" exhibition (curated by Lev Manovich, Rasa Smite, Raitis Smiths) - article by Martha Buskirk

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Data Drift is an exhibition curated by Lev MANOVICH, Rasa SMITE and Raitis SMITS at kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga, October 10 – November 22, 2015.

Artforum (February 2016) just published a very nice article about the exhibition written by Marta Burskirk, Professor of Art History and Criticism at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Since Artforum's content is not available online, and a single print issue costs $10 (in U.S.), we offer the scan of the article above. Addition of URLs, underlining and correction for On Broadway details are ours. Click on the images to see them in high resolution on Flickr and read the text.

Introduction to Data Drift written by Manovich:

DATA DRIFT exhibition showcases works by some of the most influential data designers of our time, as well as by artists who use data as their artistic medium. How can we use the data medium to represent our complex societies, going beyond "most popular," and "most liked"? How can we organize the data drifts that structure our lives to reveal meaning and beauty? How to use big data to "make strange," so we can see past and present as unfamiliar and new?

If painting was the art of the classical era, and photograph that of the modern era, data visualization is the medium of our own time. Rather than looking at the outside worldwide and picturing it in interesting ways like modernist artists (Instagram filters already do this well), data designers and artists are capturing and reflecting on the new data realities of our societies.

Full list of projects and artists shown in Data Drift:

COMPUTERS WATCHING MOVIES (Benjamin Grosser, 2013)

ON BROADWAY (Daniel Goddemeyer , Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, Lev Manovich, 2014)

CINEMETRICS (Frederic Brodbeck, 2011)

CULTUREGRAPHY (Kim Albrecht, Boris Müller, Marian Dörk, 2014)

THE RUN (Kristaps Epners, 2015)

THE EXCEPTIONAL AND THE EVERYDAY: 144 HOURS IN KYIV (Lev Manovich, Mehrdad Yazdani, Alise Tifentale, Jay Chow, 2014)

CHARTING CULTURE (Maximilian Schich, Mauro Martino, 2014)

STADTBILDER (Moritz Stefaner, 2013)


OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND (Pitch Interactive, 2013)

BAND 9 (Semiconductor, 2015)

SMART CITIZEN (Smart Citizen Team, 2012-present)


TALK TO ME (Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Martins Ratniks, 2011–2015)