Schedule and topics of Manovich's lectures in Russia, June 6-15, 2015

This is my schedule of lectures in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Naberezhnye_Chelny and Kazan. I will add details (locations and times) as I receive them.

JUNE 6: Lecture in Moscow, at American Center

JUNE 7: Lecture in Naberezhnye_Chelny, at Da-Da Architecture School (

JUNE 8: Lecture in Kazan

topic: "Analyzing Cities using visual social media"

JUNE 9: Lecture for students at School of Urban Studies, Higher School of Economics (HSE), 7pm

topic: "How to compare one million images? Analysis and visualization of patterns in art, games, comics, cinema, web, print, and user-generated content"

JUNE 10: public lecture at Strelka (Moscow) - 8pm

topic: "How to Analyze Culture Using Social Networks" / abstract

JUNE 11: roundtable at School of Urban Studies, Higher School of Economics, 3-5pm

topic: "City, Urbanism, Social Media"

JUNE 11: Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy, meeting and roundtable with students and faculty, 6-8pm (location will be added)

topic: "Digital Humanities, Computational Social Science, Software Epistemology" / relevant post

JUNE 13: Presentation at, Moscow

JUNE 15: roundtable at St. Petersburg, at The European University

topic: Urban Information Landscapes

My visit is organized by U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Strelka Institure (Moscow), School of Urban Studies (HSE), and Habidatum company. I am very grateful to everybody involved for making this trip possible.

If you want to meet me during my visit to Russia, please contact me via email (my email address is here).