How to do Digital Humanities Right?

Visualizations comparing appr. 50,000 Intagram photos uploaded in NYC over a few days in Spring 2012 (top) with the the same number of Instagram photos uploaded in Tokyo (bottom) during the same period. Photos are organized by upload time, left to right.

My presentation at Digital Humanities revisited conference, Herrenhausen Palace,
Hanover/Germany, December 6, 2013:

1. Explorative visualization

don’t start with research questions

2. Show the whole collection

against search

3. Digital humanities - without quantification

no counting (visualize using metadata)

4. Digital humanities - without metadata

no metadata (visualize using only features)

5. Seeing change

not “from data to knowledge,” but from 'knowledge' to data

6. Creative sampling / remapping

making our perceptions strange (trying to forget what we think we know)

7. Computational analysis + visualization

leaving prison-house of language