I Digital Humanities Seminar @ University of São Paulo, Brazil


How does digital culture affect the field traditionally known as “the humanities“? And how has research in this field contributed in the creation of tools for representing and organizing information in the digital media?
The International Seminar Digital Humanities in Brazil will debate these and other issues pertaining the relationship between the digital media and the humanities. The event is promoted by the research group Humanidades Digitais, from the Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, creators of the Brasiliana Digital Library.
The main issue we would like to suggest for the debates is the role of humanist scholars today in face of the complex process by which computer technologies are becoming the central tools for organizing information and diffusing text. In order to debate this, we shall invite key researchers form around the world who have been working within the field known as the Digital Humanities.