Visualization of 33292 Instagram photos on The Big Wall (66 million pixels tiled display)

Phototrails update 1

Lev Manovich Instagram Data-6

Last week we published our new project Phototrails - analysis and visualizations of 2.3 million Instagram photos from 13 global cities. Each visualization shows large numbers of photos organized by various attributes such as upload times, filters, or visual characteristics (hue, saturation, etc.)

Such big visual data looks best on big displays - such as The Big Wall constructed by Calit2 (California Institute for Telecommunication and Information). You can both see details of individual photos and the larger patterns at the same time. In contrast, when you use standard desktop applications or media sharing sites, you can see either one or another, but not both at the same time.

Below are the few photos showing two of Phototrails collaborators (Lev Manovich and Jay Chow) with one of our Instagram visualizations on The Big Wall. The visualization shows 33292 Instagram photos shared by people in Tel Aviv during one week. You can also view and download this and other visualizations (at smaller size) from the project site, or from our Flickr set.

The Big Wall s a tiled display environment consisting from 32 narrow-bezel LCD 55" displays. Each of the displays has full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels), adding up to 66 million pixels on the entire wall (15,360 x 4,320 pixels).

Photos by Alex Matthews, Calit2.

Lev Manovich Instagram Data-2

Lev Manovich Instagram Data-14

Lev Manovich Instagram Data-7

Lev Manovich Instagram Data-8

Lev Manovich Instagram Data-21