Quantitative Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences - new book series from Springer

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Quantitative Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Quantitative Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences is a book series designed to foster research-based conversation with all parts of the university campus - from buildings of ivy-covered stone to technologically savvy walls of glass. Scholarship from international researchers and the esteemed editorial board represents the far-reaching applications of computational analysis, statistical models, computer-based programs, and other quantitative methods. Methods are integrated in a dialogue that is sensitive to the broader context of humanistic study and social science research. Scholars, including among others historians, archaeologists, new media specialists, classicists and linguists, promote this interdisciplinary approach. These texts teach new methodological approaches for contemporary research. Each volume exposes readers to a particular research method. Researchers and students then benefit from exposure to subtleties of the larger project or corpus of work in which the quantitative methods come to fruition.

Editorial Board:

Tom DeFanti, California Institute for Telecommunication and Information (Calit2)
Anthony T. Grafton, Princeton University
Thomas Levy, Anthropology, UCSD
Lev Manovich, Computer Science, The Graduate Center CUNY, and Calit2
Alyn Rockwood, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, KAUST

If you want to submit a book proposal:

Contact Hannah Bracken (Springer US): Hannah.Bracken@springer.com