We are hiring: Visual Designers (web design/print ) for softwarestudies.com (freelance position)

Software Studies Initiative wants to hire Visual Designer or Design Team (web design, print, and optionally also information visualization)

Our lab (softwarestudies.com) works on using visualization and computational data analysis to explore massive cultural visual data.

Here are examples of our projects.

And here is the description of our vision for analyzing and visualizing big cultural data (aka cultural analytics).

We want to establish a long term relationship with a talented and versatile designer or design studio in NYC to work on visual design of our new projects during the next few years, new data visualizations, and a book presenting the projects.

The ideal designer/studio will be interested in contributing to the content of our work (exploration of massive cultural data sets using visualization and design), and possible involvement as a co-author on the projects. The designer(s) will receive full credit for all their contributions, and will be paid using industry-level rates for all their work with us.

The position is freelance. We don't require fixed number of hours - this depends on your availability.

We like to work face to face, and therefore we are looking for a NYC based designer/studio. However, if you have great skills and talent, we will consider working with designer(s) located anywhere else on the planet.


The designer/studio will work on web design, print design, and information design. However, if you are great only in some of these areas, we also want to talk to you.


1| Web design:

Improve the design of softwarestudies.com and manovich.net, making them more visual.

Creation of a new simple portfolio web site to feature our selected "best" projects (both past projects and new ones we will be designing with you).

Visual design of the projects for the new portfolio site. This may also include information visualizations of our data sets, animations, and videos. The portfolio will feature both new projects to be done in 2013-2015, and also some of the our older projects. They need to be moved from their present format (blog posts or single web pages) to a visually sophisticated level, compatible with designs for new projects. Examples: One million manga pages; Mondrian vs Rothko: footprints and evolution in style space.

All web designs should uses contemporary web technologies (including responsive/adaptive design), and feature social media integration.

Note: while the projects for the portfolio site can be designed specifically for the web, alternatively they can be all done as PDF, to become parts of the full-color book (see below).

2| Book design:

Design a new full-color very visual book (print) by Lev Manovich. The book will feature texts based on our publications about "cultural analytics" and a comprehensive portfolio of our visualization projects. You will need to develop a visual language for presentation of visualizations of cultural data sets and their organization strategy (for example, organizing them by scale, type of media, etc.)

Ideally, the same visual language developed for presentation of individual projects on the web (see 1) will be used in the book.

3| Data visualization:

Create information and data visualizations of our selected cultural data sets (from small to very big) to be featured as part of projects presentations on the new portfolio site, and in the new book (see below).


The position can start immediately.


We will pay competitive industry rates. The level of pay will depend on your experience, visibility in design/data visualization fields, and the ability to create compelling cutting-edge work.


Please send email to: manovich {dot} lev {at} gmail {dot} com.

Include the following:

-link to your portfolio web site;
-your desired rates (per hour, task or a project);
-your availability (how many hours per week / month you can work with us).

Use "design applicant for Software Studies Initiative" in the header of the email.
(Any other emails will not be open, so please make sure to use this line exactly.)


Will start immediately. We are hoping to make a decision by middle of June.

posted: May 30, 2013, 9:47am, EST.