A review / class adoption PDF of "Software Takes Command" is available

Software Takes Command cover

My new book Software Takes Command will be published in July 2013 by Bloomsbury Academic. It will be available as softcover, e-book, and free PDF under Creative Commons license.

If you are interested in writing a review of the book, email Tanya.Leet@bloomsbury.com to get the advanced copy (cc: me).

If you are interested to consider the book for your future class, email mathew.nichols@bloomsbury.com to get the examination copy (cc: me), or follow the steps described here:


(If you don't get any response, please email me directly at manovich dot lev at gmail dot com. Put the following in email header: "Software Takes Command - review copy" or "Software Takes Command - examination copy" in the header.)

Amazon.com book page (pre-order now - the book will be published on July 4th):


Book page on softwarestudies.com:


Book info on Bloomsbury Academic site: