our ImagePlot software is used in #OCCUPYDATA NYC Hackaphon

Occuprint Image Analysis
Image plot of almost 400 OccuPrint posters organized by visual similarity.

human image plot
"In addition, we’ve a human pattern recognition task underway in the gallery... it appears that gallery visitors are using the same types of features to understand and visualize patterns in the OccuPrint poster set. However, one distinction is incredibly striking, speed. Relative to computer efficiency, human work feels more like geologic time."

#OCCUPYDATA NYC is a series of Hackathons taking place in NYC. (The next one is on April 22nd, 2013. 8pm. Kellen Auditorium @ The New School, 66 Fifth Avenue).

During the last hackthon which took place at The Graduate Center CUNY, the participants used our free software tool ImagePlot to analyze and visualize a collection of almost 400 Occuprint posters. (Occuprint "collects, prints and distributes posters from the worldwide Occupy movement.")

"Occuprint Image Analysis" results and visualizations are available here:

Occuprint Image Analysis

ImagePlot software download and documentation: