ImagePlot video tutorials: learn how to visualize image collections

A while ago I recorded 4 video tutorials showing how to use our ImagePlot visualization tool.

ImagePlot allows you to explore image and video collections of any size by creating visualizations which show images in a collection - or keyframes in a video - sorted in different ways. Both metadata and visual properties of images - which can be measured with ImageMeasure tool included with ImagePlot - can be used for sorting.

In case you missed them, here are the tutorials:

1. Measure basic visual properties of an image collection with imageMeasure (this macro is distributed with ImagePlot). Image set used for the demo: 778 images of van Gogh paintings (included in ImagePlot download.) Note: You can also another tool - QTImageProcessing - to measure additional image properties.

2. Visualize image collection as points using ImagePlot. This visualization uses metadata (year and month for each painting) and one of the measurements created in step 1. (The measurement used is median brightness.)

3. Visualize image collection as images using ImagePlot:

4. Some of the advanced options available in ImagePlot. The demo uses another image collectin distributed with ImagePlot: 128 images of Piet Mondrian's paintings (1905-1919).

If you want us to explain any other features of ImagePlot, or want to know how to create particular visualizations, just let us know.

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