AR student project allows museum visitors to look underneath van Gogh paintings

Van Gogh's studio practice: Canvases re-used



With the support of AR Lab, student Koen Mostert made a tool that enables you to see what is underneath the painting by touching an iPad screen. This was done for five paintings, with a separate iPad for each painting.

The project was presented in Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. It examined van Gogh's various working methods. In addition to allowing visitors see the earlier paintings which van Gogh paintted over, the presentation also examined deterioration of paintings over the years.

The investigation into Van Gogh’s re-use of canvases is part of a large project entitled Van Gogh’s studio practice. A multidisciplinary team (comprising staff from the Van Gogh Museum, the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency and Shell) is examining every imaginable facet of Van Gogh’s artistic process and comparing it with that of his contemporaries. The objective is to gain greater insight into Van Gogh’s working method and to place it in the context of his time.

You can follow the developments of this investigation:

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