250K for two students to do their PhD degrees with Lev Manovich at CUNY

To be considered, email your 1 page proposal by December 1, 2012.

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I am looking for two exceptional individuals who want do their PhDs with me at CUNY Graduate Center beginning in Fall 2013 (or Fall 2014).

To be considered, email your proposal by Dec 1, 2012.
(See "process" section below.)
If I select you, you then need to prepare your formal application to CUNY. Remember that you need to have recent GRE (and TOEFL if you are not a native English speaker).

Each student will receive a 25k/year stipend for 5 years (125K in total); tuition fees and medical insurance are also covered. This funding is available for both US and foreign students. The students supported by this package will need to perform some service every year (RA, TA, or teaching one class a semester).

Research areas:
cultural analytics, social computing, digital humanities.

Research goals:
See cultural analytics page at softwarestudies.com

One funding package is for a student who will do a PhD in computer science program (my home program at CUNY). The second package is for a student who can enter any other graduate program at CUNY Graduate Center.

CUNY applications information:
Computer science
Other programs

CUNY Deadlines
CUNY application deadlines vary by program. (Computer Science deadline is Jan 15, 2013).

My addmission criteria:
A student who will be admitted to computer science program should have adequate background in this field, and be passionate about using computation to study contemporary cultures and societies using large visual data sets. The possible research areas include computer vision, data mining, and visualization.

A student who will study in a humanities or social science program should have some technical background, and an interest to combine cultural and social theory with computational methods for the analysis of large visual data.

Other requirements: professional publications and/or projects, very good writing skills.

Master degree (in any field) is recommended.

Visual communication skills (including graphic and web design and visualization) are a plus.

Interested individuals should email me using this address: manovich [dot] lev [at] gmail [dot] com. Please put the phrase "CUNY PhD" in the header. Attach your current CV. The body of the email should containe the following (maximum one page in length):

- Desciption of your interests in cultural analytics / social computing / digital humanities;
- examples of two research projects you want to do with me at CUNY.
- the links to your web site / blog / projects / publications.

The applications that do not follow this format will not be considered.

After I select the semi-finalists, I will contact them to invite them to participate in a small competition (you will have to analyze, visualize, and interpret a sample data set).

The two finalists selected on the basis of this competition and Skype interviews will need to formally apply to the appropriate programs at CUNY Graduate Center. They need to meet the requirements and admission deadlines of these programs.

If I don't find appropriate students for 2013, the support packages will be still available, and the screening process will be repeated for 2014 admission.

Interested students who are already enrolled in PhD programs at CUNY:
you are also welcome to apply.


  1. Feel free to post your questions here (I approve comments, so it may take some time for your comment to appear).

  2. Dear Lev! Saying about 'examples of two research projects' do you mean the ideas of new projects which utilize principles of cultural analytics? Or may be these are existing projects which are listed on http://lab.softwarestudies.com/p/research_14.html ?

    Thank you!

  3. I mean "new projects which utilize principles of cultural analytics."

  4. Hello, are there any post-doctoral fellowships in digital humanities at Cuny?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Lev,

    Have either of these spots been filled yet?