Visualizations of Impressionist artists - color histograms (part 2)

Visualizations of Impressionist artists - color palettes (part 1) were created by UCSD undergraduate student Megan O'Rourke for her homework in my Winter 2012 class data visualization and compututional art history (the link is to Spring 2012 version of the class).

Here is another innovative visualization created by Megan. She adopted histogram technique to compare color palettes of six Impressionist artists. The histograms show the relative proportions of different hue in the set of paintings of each artist. (To make this visualization easier to read, below is the visualization of the same images from the earlier post. It maps paintings according to x-axis = median saturation, y-axis = average hue).

Together, the two visualizations reveal strong similarity between the color "footprints" of the selected paintings of these artists.

Impressionists Color Ranges

Impressionism Image Plots

Images of 630 Impressionist paintings.


Number of paintings per artist:
Artstor contains only some of the paintings by these arists. The diffrences in the numbers of images available for each artist reflect the differences in popularity of each artist as well their varied productivity.

The histograms use the median hue values measured per each painting.