Digital Media Analysis, Search and Management workshop at Calit2, Feb 27-28, 2012

Digital Media Analysis, Search and Management workshop at Calit2

latest schedule:

Location: Calit2 Auditorium, UCSD Campus, La Jolla, CA

WORKSHOP AGENDA (DRAFT February 1, 2012)


8:45 Workshop Welcome – Natalie Van Osdol, Pacific Interface Inc. (PII)
8:50 Welcoming Remarks – Junji Yamato, NTT Communications Science Laboratories (NTT CSL)

Metadata for Managing Digital Entertainment Media – Moderator: TBD
9:00 Production/Post Environment: Eric Dachs, PIX System
9:20 Digital Distribution for e-Commerce: Jim Helman, Motion Picture Laboratories
9:40 Digital Media Library & Archives: John Zubrzycki, BBC- TBC
10:00 Digital Media Security – Irdeto speaker TBD
10:20 Moderated Q&A

10:30 Break

Smart Mobile Media Platforms – Moderator: TBD
11:00 Technology Trends in Smart Mobile Media Platforms: Michelle Leyden Li Qualcomm - TBC
11:20 Kindle and Friends – David Foster, Amazon- TBC
11:40 Mobile Networks & Services for Smartphone Era – Masaaki Fukumoto, NTT DoCoMo
12:00 Smart Media Clouds – Amazon, Netflix or Microsoft - Speaker TBD
12:20 Moderated Q&A

12:30 Lunch

Smart Mobile Media Metadata – Moderator: TBD
2:00 Leaf Snap - Finding Botanical Similarity – Peter Belhumeur, Columbia Univ. VAP Lab - TBC
2:20 Leaf Snap demonstration
2:30 Document Identification – Prof. Koichi Kise, Osaka Pref. Univ.
2:50 Document Identification demonstration
3:00 Live TV Search: Motonobu Isoya, NTT Data
3:20 Live TV Search demo (need multiple live TV channels)
3:30 Moderated Q&A

3:45 Break

Demonstration Session in Vroom – Moderator: Laurin Herr, PII
4:15 New Techniques for Cinema/TV Post-Production Metadata Access - PIX, NTT, UCSD, UIC
5:00 Moderated Q&A

5:15 Adjourn


8:50 Workshop Welcome and Overview – Laurin Herr, Pacific Interface

Historical Review of Media Recognition Technologies – moderator Shin-ichi Sato, NII
9:00 Audio: Mark Plumbley, Queen Mary, University of London (remote VTC from UK)
9:20 Computer Vision: David A. Forsyth, UIUC - TBC
9:40 Moderated Q&A

9:50 Break

Unusuality Detection and Prediction – Moderator: TBD
10:20 Sifting Through Oceans of Sensor Data: Ron Johnosn, University of Washington, OOI - TBC
10:40 Multimodal Sensor Processing: Bernt Schiele, Max Planck Institute - TBC
11:00 Video/Multimedia Event Detection: John Smith, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center - TBC
11:20 Video Tracking Multi-camera Networked Systems – Andrea Cavallaro, Queen Mary, University of London - TBC
11:40 Finding Unusuality with Memory-Based Particle Filters – Dan Mikami, NTT CSL
12:00 Moderated Q&A

12:10 Lunch

Philosophical and Technical Aspects of Audio Similarity – Moderator: Kunio Kashino, NTT CSL
1:40 Large Scale Audio Search for Music Similarity: Malcolm Slaney, Yahoo - TBC
2:00 AXES Project for Media Similarity Search: Erwin ­­­­­Verbruggen & Roeland Ordelman, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision - TBC
2:20 Audio Similarity Assessment: Daniel Ellis, Columbia University - TBC
2:40 EchoNest: Extracting Musical Attributes, Brian Whitman, The Echo Nest - TBC
3:00 Moderated Q&A

3:10 Break

Philosophical and Technical Aspects of Video Similarity – Moderator: TBD
3:40 ISR Metadata Issues – Stephen Long, Northop Grumman
4:00 Finding Visual Synonyms using Image Net: Li Fei-Fei, Stanford University - TBC
4:20 Video-Concept Search using Media Mill: Cees Snoek. University of Amsterdam, ISLA
4:40 Mining People Attributes from Community-Contributed Photos for Activity Discovery and Recommendation: Winston H. Hsu, National Taiwan University
5:00 Moderated Q&A

Session Moderators’ Panel – Moderator: Laurin Herr, Pacific Interface
5:10 6 session moderators each give brief comments, then panel discussion, followed by Q&A
5:45 Adjourn