call for papers for the next issue of Computational Culture jourmal

Call For Papers
Computational Culture, a journal of software studies
Deadline: 30th March 2012

The new peer-reviewed open access journal Computational Culture has
been launched. The first issue entitled ‘A Million Gadget Minds’ is
available online at:

The journal’s primary aim is to examine the ways in which software
undergirds and formulates contemporary life. Computational processes
and systems not only enable contemporary forms of work and play and
the management of emotional life but also drive the unfolding of new
events that constitute political, social and ontological domains.

In order to understand digital objects - such as corporate software,
search engines, medical databases – and their constitutive role in
culture, or to enquire into the use of mobile phones, social networks,
dating, games, financial systems or political crises, a detailed
analysis of software cannot be avoided. A developing form of literacy
is required that matches an understanding of computational processes
with those traditionally bound within the arts, humanities, and social
sciences but also in more informal or practical modes of knowledge
such as hacking and art.

Computational Culture is now inviting contributions for the second
issue. We seek articles, book, project and software reviews, and also
indications of interest for future special issues focusing on
databases and social media.

Please submit a completed paper by the deadline of 30th of March or
contact the editors via the website to express an interest.

Editorial group,