our article about cultural analytics on HIPerSpace is coming out in IEEE Computer journal

S. Yamaoka, L. Manovich, J. Douglass, F. Kuester. "Cultural Analytics in Large-Scale Visualization Environments." IEEE Computer, a feature article for special issue on Computers and the Arts (January 2012).

We are very exited that our paper which reports on cultural analytics methods and software will be the cover feature in the next issue of IEEE Computer, the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

The article is co-written by people from engineering and computer science and the humanities at UCSD

So Yamaoka, Ph.D. student, Engineering and Computer Science Department, UCSD

Lev Manovich, Professor, Visual Arts Department, UCSD; Director, Software Studies Initiative, Calit2

Jeremy Douglass, post-doctoral researcher, Software Studies Initiative, Calit2

Falko Kuester, an Associate Professor, the Department of Structural Engineering, UCSD