Software Studies App for iPhone and Android phones

The Software Studies Initiative just released its new iPhone and Android application.

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The apps were developed by Cicero Silva (Software Studies Brazil) using HTML 5 and universo platform. They allow you to access blog, Twitter, Flickr galleries, and YouTube channel from a single screen on your mobile device - so you can keep us with our new visualizations, cultural analytics projects, and publications.

SoftwareStudies App

new article by Lev Manovich: Inside Photoshop

My new article Inside Photoshop is featured in the first issue of the exiting new journal Computing Culture.

Adobe Photoshop 0.63 (1990).

Remix and Cultural Analytics: Minima Moralia Redux

Visualization of Minima Moralia, aphorism 6 (Click image to view large version)

Minima Moralia Redux:!/p/about.html

Minima Moralia Redux is a selective remix by Eduardo Navas of Theodor Adorno’s Minima Moralia. Starting on October 16, 2011, an entry a week will be rewritten until the 153 aphorisms of Minima Moralia become part of the blog.

Theodor Adorno’s aphorisms are carefully analyzed and reinterpreted in order to explore the principles of the selective remix, often found in music and video. The selective remix consists of adding to or subtracting material from a pre-existing source.

Minima Moralia Redux is the result of a long term post-doctoral analysis in cultural analytics performed for The Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen, Norway, in collaboration with Software Studies Lab at the University of California, San Diego.

Minima Moralia Redux is part of the Blog Remixes:

Eduardo Navas

our article about cultural analytics on HIPerSpace is coming out in IEEE Computer journal

S. Yamaoka, L. Manovich, J. Douglass, F. Kuester. "Cultural Analytics in Large-Scale Visualization Environments." IEEE Computer, a feature article for special issue on Computers and the Arts (January 2012).

We are very exited that our paper which reports on cultural analytics methods and software will be the cover feature in the next issue of IEEE Computer, the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

The article is co-written by people from engineering and computer science and the humanities at UCSD

So Yamaoka, Ph.D. student, Engineering and Computer Science Department, UCSD

Lev Manovich, Professor, Visual Arts Department, UCSD; Director, Software Studies Initiative, Calit2

Jeremy Douglass, post-doctoral researcher, Software Studies Initiative, Calit2

Falko Kuester, an Associate Professor, the Department of Structural Engineering, UCSD