Remix and Cultural Analytics at Anthropology in Digital Times

Keywords: calit2, Charleston, CRCA, Cultural Analytics, Downfall, Eduardo Navas, Lotus Flower, Mashups, Memes, Remix, Selective Remix, Software Studies Lab, University of Bergen, UIB, University of California San Diego, UCSD, Video, YouTube

I will be presenting my research on Remix and cultural analytics at the University of Lumiére in Lyon, France on November 24. Program and other information available.

A brief note on my presentation:

I will discuss the evolution of remixing in a three case study, with particular emphasis on when and how the video remixes were produced. This is done in order to reflect on the initial upload of material and subsequent remixes as important vehicles of communication and creative practice.

What cultural analytics can bring to anthropology, and other fields that adopt it, is the ability to attain a balanced approach based on quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Posts about my research:

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– Eduardo Navas