introducing ImagePlot visualization software: explore patterns in large image collections

ImagePlot is a free software tool that visualizes collections of images and video.


ImagePlot creates new types of visualizations not offered by any other application. It displays your data and images as a 2D line graph or a scatter plot, with the images superimposed over data points.

Scatterplot (left) vs ImagePlot (right) of the same data. 128 paintings by Piet Mondrian created between 1905 and 1917. In each plot:
X-axis = brightness median. Y-axis = saturation median.

ImagePlot works on Mac, Windows, and Lunix.
Maximum possible visualization resolution: 2.5 GB (2,684,354,560 greyscale pixels, or 671,088,640 RGB pixels).
Largest image collection visualized so far: 1,074,790 one megabyte images.

ImagePlot was developed by the members of Software Studies Initiative with support from the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH), the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), and the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA)

ImagePlot team:
Lev Manovich (Professor, Visual Arts, UCSD and Director, Software Studies Initiative, Calit2)
Jeremy Douglass (Post-doctoral researcher, Calit2)
Nadia Xiangfei Zeng (ICAM undergraduate students, UCSD)
Tara Zepel (PhD student, Visual Arts, UCSD).

Along with the program, we also distribute a number of articles by Manovich, Douglass and Zepel that address methodologies for exploring large visual cultural data sets, and discuss our digital humanities projects that use ImagePlot. (The articles can be also downloaded directly from

Visualizations created with ImagePlot have been shown in science centers, art and design museums, and art galleries, including Graphic Design Museum (Breda, Netherlands), Gwangju Design Biennale (Korea), and The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art.

ImagePlot software was created as part of our Cultural Analytics research program.

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Flickr: Use "imageplot" tag for your image plots.
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Examples of ImagePlot visualizations:


Google Logo Space

Manga Style Space

113 President Obama Weekly Address video set


Graphic Design Museum Breda Spring 2010

Gallery Opening 26

One million manga pages

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