ImagePlot visualization software: 3 MB download now available

On September 16, 2011 we released ImagePlot - a tool for exploring large image collections developed by our lab: 110 MB
ImagePlot macro, ImageJ application (Windows / Mac / Linux), sample data sets, theory and methodology articles..

110 MB sounds big. We realize that not everybody has access to fast network connections. Therefore we now provide the option to download the software files by themselves. This download is only 3 MB: 3 MB
ImagePlot macro, ImageJ application (Windows / Mac / Linux).

The best way to learn ImagePlot is to follow tutorials in the documentation - and for this you do need the sample image sets included in full download. So when you have access to fast connection, we would like to encourage to download the full file set. But if you can't wait to start playing, get 3 MB version now.

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