"Information Visualization as a Research Method in Art History" panel at CAA 2012 (Los Angeles)

Together with Christian Huemer (Getty Research Institute), we organized a panel "Visualization as Art Historical Method" for College Art Association 2012 conference (Los Angeles, February 22-25).

List of speakers:

1. Maximilian Schich (Barabási Lab, Boston): Visualizing the Ecology of Complex Networks in Art History
2. Sophie Raux (Université Lille 3): Interactive Mapping of the Agents of the Art Market in Europe (1550-1800)
3. Victoria Szabo (Duke University, Durham), Visualizing Art, Law, and Markets
4. Catherine Dossin (Purdue University): Geoinformatics and Art History. Visualizing the Reception of American Art in Western Europe, 1948-1968.
5. Georgia Gene Berryhill (University of Maryland): Lithics Visualization Project (with Tom Levy and Lev Manovich)
6. Piotr Adamczyk (Google Art Project): Visualizing Museum Collections