how to include interactive / very high res visualizations in publications ?

This is an interesting problem for "digital humanities publishing"

for example, I need to include these images:

have been struggling with this while formatting my new article
eventually switched page size to 18 inches by 9 inches - since this is for posting online, the page size can be anything
this helps but still does not work perfectly

maybe I will try making 300,000x300,000 pixels Photoshop image which has all high-res visualizations and also article text - but will you be able to open it ?

of course we are also including links to high res versions of image on Flickr - but when you have to go outside to a different site and deal with its own interface

Possible solutions:

1) need to embed interactive media viewers into a publication - but I dont think you can do with common platforms such as Word, Google Doc or PDF. So you have to go to HTML and include some custom app in Flash (and you have to write such app)

2) does new publishing software for iPad and similar mobile platforms includes tool to include zoom/pad of high res images and movies?

3) ideally, we will publish on the same medium which we use for these visualizations (287 megapixel HIPerSpace):

better ideas?