June 2-3, UCSD: DESIGNING GEOPOLITICS: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Computational Jurisdictions, Emergent Governance, Public Ecologies

How does a digital Earth govern itself? Through what jurisdictions, what rights of the citizen-user, what capacities of enforcement, and in the name of what sovereign geographies? In fact we simply do not know. But in the face of fast-evolving cyberinfrastructures that outpace our inherited legal forms on the one hand, and a multigenerational arc of ecological chaos on the other, we need to find out quickly: we need to design that geopolitics.

schedule: http://designgeopolitics.org/dg2011/

(subject to change)


9:30 Designing the Century: Futurity's Past
Benjamin H. Bratton, Norman Klein, Geoff Manaugh
11:00 Network Polis: Promise/Peril
James Fowler, Adam Bly, Metahaven (video from Netherlands)
1:30 “Force is a Diagram of Forms”: Architecture, Emergence, Emergency
Hernan Diaz-Alonso, Teddy Cruz, Jordan Crandall
3:00 Data as World, World-Image, World-Making
Lev Manovich, Kelly Gates, Molly Wright Steenson


9:30 Planetary Data, Planetary Governance
Larry Smarr, Charlie Kennel, Naomi Oreskes
11:00 Design and Post-Humanism
Ed Keller, Vernor Vinge, Rene Daalder
Tricia Wang (video from China)
1:30 The Agency of Code: Form, Tool, Policy
Casey Reas, Ricardo Dominguez, Elizabeth Losh
3:30 Geophilosophy, Geoaesthetics, Geopolitics
Manuel De Landa (video from Spain), Peter Krapp, McKenzie Wark