Visualization as a new language of theory: lecture outline

Visualization as a new language of theory

Postdam, April 23, 2010
Berlin, April 23, 2010
Vilnus, April 27, 2010

advantages of visualization + data analysis (cultural analytics):

revealing gradual historical changes
(Time covers, cinemetrics data)

describing analog (continuos) qualities
(The 11th Year - average movement per shot
motion graphics)

understanding interactivity
(games comparison)

analysis of large sets of cultural artifacts / processes:
comparison, central tendency, dispersion, outliers, signatures, identification of similar patterns
(Time covers image graph
912 Manga titles (1000000 pages) - Mondrian software
Vertov films)

from small number of categories to distributions in feature space
visualization of quantities vs. categories (historical examples)
(Manga image graph
Manga analysis - Mondrian software)