High resolution versions of images included in the NEH Digital Startup Fall 2009 grant application "Interactive Visualization of Image Collections for Humanities Research" (Dr. Lev Manovich, UCSD).

Examples of visualizations produced using software tools developed by Software Studies initiative:


Interactive exploration of image collection on a HIPerSpace tiled display using our software prototype - zooming into an image.

Time covers -- long version
4553 covers of Time magazine, 1923-2008.

Shot lengths in five reels of the film "The Eleventh Year" (Dziga Vertov, 1928).

153 paintings by Mark Rothko, organized by brightness and saturation.

Changes in Rothko's paintings average brightness over his career.

Tracing branching pathways through the 116 pages of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" gamebook.

Mapping connections between pages in Mark Danielewski's novel House of Leaves
Mapping connections between pages in Mark Danielewski's novel House of Leaves.

Kedar Reddy Summer 2009 Calit2 Fellowship poster presentation
“Mapping the Song-Dance Sequences of Telugu Cinema”
Research poster visualizing 52 video of song-dance sequences
taken from 13 movies over the course of six decades (1950s-2000s).

Comparing interactivity in ten video games over two decades:
"Seeing How We Play" poster for the SIGGRAPH 2009 Info-Aesthetics exhibition.