Exemplary images from recent and ongoing projects.

Cultural Analytics research environment: relationships map

Cultural Analytics research environment: long tail view

Cultural Analytics research environment: geo view

Cultural Analytics research environment on the Calit2 HiPerSpace

2000 art images on the HiPerSpace

UCSD undergraduates exploring data on the HiPerSpace

Interactive analysis of Mark Rothko's paintings on the HiPerSpace

Interactive analysis of Mark Rothko's paintings on the HiPerSpace

Visualization of the complete text of "Anna Karenina"

SIGGRAPH poster - visualization of patterns in films, motion graphics, cartoons and political TV ads

SIGGRAPH poster comparing 20 video games from 1988-2009

Image analysis of 19th and 20th century European painters

Mark Rothko's career - 160 paintings organized by saturation and dominant colors

Visualization of Mark Rothko's career: changes in paintings' saturation over time (1934-1970)

Evolution of modern art (1840-1920)

The continuity of realism and modernism in painting (circa 1930).

Automated analysis of screen regions for segmenting gameplay modes in "Fatal Frame 2"

Exploration of world-map in "Legend of Zelda" on the HIPerWall

Montage of sampled frames from speed-run of "Fatal Frame 2" (white frames corresponds to combat sequences)

Timeline showing the rhythm of gameplay in "Knights of the Old Republic"

Use of medical imaging techniques for cultural analysis: a slice through an art video (each pixel row corresponds to one frame)

Comparing editing patterns in Russian, French and American films, 1900-2008

Keyframes from a music video clustered by brightness and number of shapes in an image

visual signatures: Betty Boop cartoons (1930s) vs. Bjork's music video

All Google logos (1998-2009): analysis of variability over time

Branching structure of an interactive novel

Variations from the standard template in all of Google logos (1998-2009)

"FreakAngels" web comic panels clustered by brightness and hue