new video of Cultural Analytics software @HIPerSpace (287 megapixels)

We have created a new video which showcases some of the capabilities of Cultural Analytics software running on HIPerSpace (a supervisualization system with the resolution of 35,840 x 8,000 pixels; 286,720,000 pixels total.)

The software is being developed by Software Studies Initiative and GRAVITY lab (Graphics, Visualization and Virtual Reality Laboratory) at Calit2. The development is supported by Interdisciplinary Collaboratory Grant from UCSD Chancellor office (2008-2010).

At present software allows a user to load up to 4000 images of ANY size on the HIPerSpace wall along with accompanying metadata (which can include manually entered annotations, automatic measurements of visual properties, and other information). The metadata format is a simple tab-delimited text file (so it can be prepared in Excel etc.) Using our interactive software, a user can sort image set and also make X, Y plots of any sets of metadata types. The plots can include the actual images placed over the plotted points; the size of these images can be changed at any time interactively by a user.

Because HIPerSpace is powered by a cluster of PCs, it allows for interactive performance impossible with current desktop computers or the web. Thousands of images can be scaled and graphed instantly. Therefore, HIPerSpace is a perfect platform to develop techniques for software-supported cultural analysis of large media sets.