Playpower covered in Wired

Jeremy Douglass (a Post-doctoral researcher with Software Studies) is one of the co-founders of, an an innovative non-profit organization developing learning games for an existing $10 TV-computers which are very popular in India. Software Studies is happy to collaborate with Playpower on their amazing and far-reaching research. In addition to Jeremy, founders are Derek Lomas and Daniel Rehn who are both MFA students in Visual Arts Department at UCSD and researchers at Calit2. Their work is getting lots of international media coverage - including this article in Wired blogs:

$12 Computer: Playpower Wants to Save the World 8 Bits at a Time
By Priya Ganapati March 11, 2009 | Wired blogs

Playpower and Bob Frankston's Jeremy Douglass and Derek Lomas speak with Visicalc founder Bob Frankston (center) about their plans to make educational games for 8-bit computers like the one in the foreground. ETECH 2009, San Jose. [Photo by Wired editor Dylan Tweney]