images | Cultural Analytics visualizations on ultra high resolution displays

Cultural Analytics interface designs | Concept: Lev Manovich and jeremy Douglass| Graphic design: Sergie Magdalin and Bob Li (undergraduate students, Visual Arts Department, UCSD.) | Produced: April 2008.

Cultural Analytics interface designs @ HIPerWall visual supercomputer | 205 megapixels | Calit2-Irvine | Presented: May 2008.

Cultural Analytics visualizations @ HIPerSpace visual supercomputer | 287 megapixels| Calit2-San Diego | Decemeber 2008:

Cultural Analytics software running on HIPerSpace display | Calit2-San Diego | May 2009. Software allows interactive explorations of patterns in sets of images and video.

Visualizations created by UCSD undergraduate visual arts students on HIPerSpace display | Calit2-San Diego | June 2009

Exploring one million manga pages on HIPerSpace display | Calit2-San Diego | October 2010

Manga visualization on 287 megapixel HIPerSpace