software studies course @Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico)

Everardo Reyes García who is teaching in the first program in digital art and animation in Mexico (@ Tecnológico de Monterrey) has developed a new course in software studies:

"The Software Studies module prepared for the course Research Seminar
on Media (at Tecnológico de Monterrey Toluca, Mexico) is proposed to
cover one of the most recent approaches on digital media. Since the
course aims to foster discussion and analysis of communication
theories and media epistemology, this module tries to present how
media is shaped within transcoded cultures and how can we apply
possibilities of media as software. One of the module's objective is
that students consider this approach (or decide on its validity) into
their final research paper. The course is offered to senior students
of Communication Sciences BA and is taught by Everardo Reyes-García".