HPCwire article about Cultural Analytics

an HPCwire, a publication about high-performance computing, features an a long interview with Lev Manovich about Cultural Analytics research @Software Studies Initiative:

The Next Big Thing in Humanities, Arts and Social Science Computing: Cultural Analytics

From the interview:

Q: How do you think your work will broaden/challenge/alter our understandings of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science Research or Education and what does your work offer the humanistic/scientific/technological/corporate world?

A: In the present decade our ability to capture, store and analyze data is increasing exponentially, and this growth has already affected many areas of science, media industries, and the patterns of cultural production and consumption. Think, for instance, of how "search" has become the interface to global culture, while recommendation systems have emerged to help consumers navigate the ever-increasing range of products.

I feel that the ground has been set to start thinking of culture as data (including media content and people's creative and social activities around this content) that can be mined and visualized. In other words, if data analysis, data mining, and visualization have been adopted by scientists, businesses, and government agencies as a new way to generate knowledge, let us apply the same approach to understanding culture."

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