Software Studies Opening Lecture in São Paulo

The FILE Labo is announcing the Opening of the Software Studies Initiative in São Paulo, Brazil.

Round table: Software Studies Initiative in Brazil @ FILE Labo

Software Studies is a new research field for intellectual inquiry that is now just beginning to emerge. The Software Studies Initiative intends to play the key role in establishing this new field. The competed projects will become the models of how to effectively study “software society.” Through workshops, publications, and lectures conducted at UCSD and disseminated via the web and in hard copy publications, we will disseminate the broad vision of software studies. That is, we think of software as a layer that permeates all areas of contemporary societies.

The Software Studies Group in Brazil will develop a deep analysis of the impact of the Open and Free Source softwares in the Brazilian society in the civilian and governmental levels .

Speakers: teleconference with Lev Manovich (UCSD) and Noah Wardrip-Fruin (UCSD) and talk by Cicero Silva (FILE Labo)
When: August 07, 5h30 pm
Where: FIESP
Avenida Paulista, 1313
São Paulo, Brazil

more information: Cicero Silva @