PlayDVR | Networked hardware for capturing gameplay on diffirent generations of game platforms (from Atari 2600 to Playstation 3)

A project to develop and document an open hardware and software platform for video game recording and research, oriented to the needs of the game studies community.

We have developed a networked gameplay recording workstation based on a modified version of the MythTV open source digital video recorder software. The hardware platform is Dragon 2.0, an open specification Linux box optimized for the KnoppMyth MythTV distribution, and available from StormLogix. PlayDVR custom modifications include integration of SSH access, keylogging, and automatic video analytics. PlayDVR is being actively used in ongoing research projects, and will be documented for public redistribution.

Documentation of the "Dragon 2" MythTV Linux box, an open hardware specification.

This project developed in collaboration with the game research network Re:Game.