Cultural Analytics HiperWall demo at HASTAC II

Software Studies Initiative presented a series of demos at HASTAC II conference (University of California - Irvine, May 23, 2008) using HIperWall.
(Note: the HIperWall consists from fifty 30-inch Apple monitors driven by a number of MACs. Therefore, it is not simply a large visual display - rather, it is a visual supercomputer.)

We have presented the following demos developed at Software Studies Initiative:

Culural Analytics Research Enviroment - interface design:

Concept: Lev Manovich and Jeremy Douglass. Graphic design: Bob Li and Sergie Magdalin, undergraduate Visual Arts students, UCSD.

Use of HIperWall to visualize patterns in literary texts and computer games:

Concept and production: Jeremy Douglass.

PowerWall Presenter, an application developed by Jeremy Douglass together with Calit2-Irvine HIperWall Group:

All images above by Anne Helmond. More images are available on Flickr.

Video of all these demos will be available here shortly.