ArtDiaspora.viz | Korean Modern Art Diaspora in a Global World

ArtDiaspora.viz is a collaboration of Software Studies @UCSD with HASTAC scholar Hijoo Son, a doctoral candidate in modern Korean history and culture at UCLA. In her dissertation project, Son problematizes the concept of diaspora using a group of artists who were selected to participate in the 2002 Kwangju Biennial's There: Sites of the Korean Diaspora.

Using a variety visualization techniques, ArtDiaspora.viz diagrams the patterns in time and space to support Son's analysis. Subjects of visualization include the biographies and careers of artists, the locations and dates of their artworks and exhibitions, and other patterns. Visualizations include world maps, social network diagrams, travel graphs and timelines.

Calit2 summer researcher Jia Gu was a key contributor to this collaboration.

Each bar represents the number of artists in each city during each decade.

Gu, Jia. Art Objects as Data Points. Calit2 Summer Researcher Poster Session. 2008 (pdf)