Tristan Thielmann, Visiting Fellow for Spring 2008

We here at the Software Studies Initiative are happy to announce our visiting Fellow for Spring 2008: Tristan Thielmann.

Tristan Thielmann is an Assistant Professor in Media Studies at the Research Center "Media Upheavals", University of Siegen, Germany. His cross-disciplinary research and practice explores the aesthetics and history of geomedia with a focus on navigation systems, geobrowsers and geosurveillance technologies. He has recently published a book on digital displays and the spatial turn in cultural & social sciences. For more information on his research, see Currently Dr Thielmann is completing three books, one on "locative media", one on "media geography" and another on "actor-media theory". While he is staying as a visiting fellow of Software Studies lab, he is doing oral history interviews with pioneers in mobile cartography and GPS technology.

Welcome Tristan!