macro.viz: visualizing art, industry, territory and global economy in Brazil

The macro.viz project is a result of a four years investigation and aims to produce a representation, using maps designed only for the project, of the dynamic that the global economy has been producing in the infrastructure and in the territorial organization in Brazil with the emergency of new industrial production sites that redesign all the railroads and port systems around the country. The industrial production focused in mining, steel and agribusiness became the international integration platform of the country. This productive restructure is making emerge a new urban and territorial configuration in some states in Brazil, such as Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo.

The MACRO project is a tool to visualize this new dynamics and complex configurations. It is an instrument of negotiation, development of territorial policies and proposals for intervention; it is a device conceived to augment the technical and analytic repertory of the local and regional administrators (mayors, business men, State governors) and researchers in order to comprehend how to management these new territorial processes. The project is coordinated by Nelson Brissac and the visualization by Cicero Silva. Online website at

Video of the presentation (Dec. 2009):