Small Tech - The Culture of Digital Tools

Small Tech
The Culture of Digital Tools

Byron Hawk, David M. Rieder, and Ollie Oviedo, Editors
Electronic Mediations, Volume 22
University of Minnesota Press
Minneapolis • London
(forthcoming 2008)

The essays in Small Tech investigate the cultural impact of digital tools and provide fresh perspectives on mobile technologies such as iPods, digital cameras, and PDAs and software functions like cut, copy, and paste and WYSIWYG. Together they advance new thinking about digital environments.




Introduction: On Small Tech and Complex Ecologies
Byron Hawk and David M. Rieder

Traditional Software in New Ecologies

Data Visualization as New Abstraction and as Anti-Sublime
Lev Manovich

Softvideography: Digital Video as Postliterate Practice
Adrian Miles

Technopolitics, Blogs, and Emergent Media Ecologies: A Critical/Reconstructive Approach
Richard Kahn and Douglas Kellner

Remembering Dinosaurs: Toward an Archaeological Understanding of Digital Photo Manipulation
Karla Saari Kitalong

Cut, Copy, and Paste
Lance Strate

Dreamweaver and the Procession of Simulations: What You See Is Not Why You Get What You Get
Sean D. Williams

Revisiting the Matter and Manner of Linking in New Media
Collin Gifford Brooke

ScriptedWriting() { Exploring Generative Dimensions of Writing in Flash Actionscript
David M. Rieder

Small Tech and Cultural Contexts

Overhearing: The Intimate Life of Cell Phones
Jenny Edbauer Rice

I Am a DJ, I Am What I Say: The Rise of Podcasting
Paul Cesarini

Walking with Texts: Using PDAs to Manage Textual Information
Jason Swarts

Text Messaging: Rhetoric in a New Keypad
Wendy Warren Austin

Beyond Napster: Peer-to-Peer Technology and Network Culture
Michael Pennell

Communication Breakdown: The Postmodern Space of Google
Johndan Johnson-Eilola

Let There Be Light in the Digital Darkroom: Digital Ecologies and the New Photography
Robert A. Emmons Jr.

“A Demonstration of Practice”: The Real Presence of Digital Video
Veronique Chance

Buffering Bergson: Matter and Memory in 3D Games
Julian Oliver

Shifting Subjects in Locative Media
Teri Rueb

Future Technologies and Ambient Environments

Virtual Reality as a Teaching Tool: Learning by Configuring
James J. Sosnoski

Digital Provocations and Applied Aesthetics: Projects in Speculative Computing
Johanna Drucker

Dehumanization, Rhetoric, and the Design of Wearable Augmented Reality Interfaces
Isabel Pedersen

Sousveillance: Wearable and Digital Tools in Surveilled Environments
Jason Nolan, Steve Mann, and Barry Wellman

Ambient Video: The Transformation of the Domestic Cinematic Experience
Jim Bizzocchi

Sound in Domestic Virtual Environments
Jeremy Yuille

Getting Real and Feeling in Control: Haptic Interfaces
Joanna Castner Post

16. Digital Craft and Digital Touch: Hands-on Design with an “Undo” Button
Mark Paterson